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The process we apply is slightly different from the standard Translation – Editing – Proofreading (TEP) process: our final step is a double QA (quality assurance) check.

Linguistic validation

Linguistic validation

This is a crucial value-added service for healthcare-related translation projects, applied most of all in clinical trials, which ensures that the target text is validated based on internationally accepted guidelines.



This relatively new term applies to translation projects where the intended effect of the text is paramount, while following the source material is not necessarily important…

Machine translation

Machine translation post-editing

Human-like quality is impossible to achieve without humans, and this is where linguists come in: they correct the errors found in the raw MT output in order to produce a perfectly understandable and error-free text.

As a premium language service provider based in Hungary, our aim is to become the regional leader for Hungarian, as well as Central and Eastern European Languages, while staying true to our original values: conveying our clients messages to the world across cultures, through swift, friendly and professional project management. 

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Our project management team is composed of linguists who completely understand our business and its challenges. Our QA managers perform a double (manual and automated) quality assurance step on every project before delivery.


We work with every popular TMS and CAT tool on the market, so we can adapt to your needs without any problems or delays. You choose the environment; we choose the most appropriate resources to perform the task.


We make every effort not just to deliver every single project on time (or in advance), but also to respond to you as soon as possible, in less than 60 minutes (during working hours).


We are a friendly young team full of highly qualified professionals.


We are a friendly young team full of highly qualified professionals.

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