Corporate Communication

Although business translation is sometimes overlooked or considered to be an easier subject, these preconceptions can be misleading. When it comes to ‘heavy’ finance, tax law or accounting, only the most highly-trained subject matter experts can perform the work at a desirable level of quality.


Business / Marketing

Our business translators have experience in a wide range of corporate translation sub-fields:

  • banking,
  • heavy finance texts,
  • KIIDs,
  • articles and essays about the economy,
  • management-related material (guidelines, codes of ethics, codes of conduct, quality management and quality control),
  • HR and HSE documentation,
  • internal corporate communication,
  • tax-related documents,
  • accounting,
  • client-facing material (websites, marketing materials, product descriptions and after-sales support).


Another large part of business-related projects are legal translations, to which we assign dedicated legal translators: linguists either with a degree in law or with several years of experience in legal translation. This is necessary because legal terminology and language is often very different from ‘standard’ written language.

The text types for this subject matter include contracts, agreements, regulations, decrees, legal disputes, warranties and notices.

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