Translation Automation Services


Based on the translation automation technologies and the machine translation workflow we implemented, we at Hunnect are prepared to help our clients with the following services related to the post-editing of machine translation content:

  • Pre-editing (analysis and control) of the source content to be used for machine translation.
  • In case you run your own machine-translation engine and would like us to help you with the post-editing, we will be happy to assist you. Relying on our training methods and materials, our post-editors will prepare the version you require.
  • Post-editor training: in close cooperation with TAUS and Welocalize, we have constructed an e-learning course that will assist many linguists to become successful post-editors.

In order to increase our post-editing capacity, we are committed to continuously training our present and would-be linguists working on these challenging projects. Our e-learning course, which can be found on the HunnectAcademy® page of our website, delivers the solution to post-editor training. For more details on our MT-solutions and our post-editing capacity please contact us via email.

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