A trip to Sziki, but not for the pools

Trip to Sziki

If there is one bus route around Szeged that generates Pavlovian responses, it is the one to Sziksósfürdő (also known as Sziki): many of the city’s residents have memories of swimming here, while Hunnect employees have visited the lake, surrounded by fragrant pines, several times for company events.

The 10th of June saw one of the most special events of this kind: we organized the company’s 20th anniversary party at Sziki Vigadó. After getting off the bus, we took a short walk to the site. With a wild and scenic area around the pools, as well as ping-pong tables, swing beds, and a spacious and cozy interior, we were not surprised to learn that the area is used mainly for weddings. Our boss Sándor Sojnóczky greeted us at the entrance, where we all drew a number for the aptly-named blitzquiz game. Afterwards, on heading inside, some spirits were served to the guests, who were, at least for the time being, more reserved than bold.

The challenge presented by the breakfast was similarly not taken lightly. The hot meal offer was magnificent regardless of the fact that some of us are in the habit of skipping the most important meal of the day – not counting coffee, of course.

Besides the meals, the day was defined by three rounds of blitzquiz. While keeping in mind the number drawn, young and old were free to discover the open-air games or the laws of the jungle with the help of the inhabitants of the pond near the gazebo (common water frogs sharing their habitat with grass snakes do not necessarily jump for joy) – or the drink bar, for that matter. The latter, of course, was predominantly enjoyed by the older folks.

What was probably the most important event of the day took place before having a delicious lunch of many courses (the meat soup was made from emu!). Our colleague, Bea Szili greeted the company on the occasion of its 20th anniversary, with a brief summary of the company’s history, starting with the one- and two-person days. She then read a previously compiled list of all the things that we are grateful for. Fairness, acceptance, development opportunities, various company events, and the humor that shone through the responses – the list reminded us of the journey we have made and all the things that can give us strength for the future.

Sziki Vigadó

To avoid being carried away by our emotions or the post-lunch coma, we watched a magician, Ferenc Kőhalmi, perform his show. Of course, the audience was spread out, even if they were encouraged to move to the front – we, the shy (and/or lazy) ones moved back a bit and let the kids and adventurous adults enjoy the magician’s show from as close as possible. And courage was needed indeed: it was easy to become part of the show as someone being addressed by the many shout outs, someone taking part in a trick, or even in the second coming of the Christ. Fortunately, the latter did not generate events of a biblical proportion, only exuberant cheerfulness. And thanks to the final act, a song with guitar accompaniment that examines the work-based society in a special light, we all took home the chorus – ‘Dönci, the guy’ – in our heads.

Speaking of humor, we are particularly grateful to Anikó and Sándor Sojnóczky for putting together the lexically challenging questions for the blitzquiz – especially for the answer ‘Godzilla’s aunt living in Middle-Earth’ for the word manzanilla. This option mitigated the loss of slower players and less skilled board game veterans almost as effectively as – probably – the alcoholic beverage indicated by the correct answer would do.

Most of us were a little surprised to learn that there was still a meal to go: the sandwiches served as afternoon snacks were a fitting end to the day. Before leaving, we had just enough time for the last conversations and beers or beverages, and we could easily catch the bus even after a thorough quality assurance check of the nearby playground. Recharged – and pleasantly tired – by the food and drink, the open air, the laughter, and the company of rarely seen colleagues, the only way we could sum up everything was: here’s to 20 more years, and many, many more days like this!

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