Information Technology

The most rapidly developing area of ​​our modern world is definitely information technology, and the speed of digital transformation affects not only our everyday life, but also the content we read and consume on the web, the software and the applications we use, and of course the hardware and digital devices that surround us.

Why Choose Us


The speed of localization is a key element when it comes to the time-to-market of software and hardware products, or the multilingual publishing of rapidly changing dynamic content such as websites or mobile apps.

Agile and user-friendly translation environments (both on the client side and the translator side) are crucial in order to handle such demanding projects into multiple languages.

thorough project management

thorough project management

Keeping all the language variations under control and up to date requires

  • thorough preparation,
  • flexible project management
  • and a very reliable linguist pool.


We are ready to handle your localization needs in various envorinments with the same level of care and precision.

extensive experience

Our IT translators are all tested and continuously trained in the subject matter, and they have extensive experience in the given subfields.

From complete Operating Systems to the smallest mobile apps, we have millions of words of experience in the most varied software localization projects.

extensive experience

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