Interesting findings of our 2016 Client Satisfaction Survey

Let’s be honest. People do not like client satisfaction surveys because, no matter how short the survey is, they feel like the seller is wasting their time with a past transaction concerning a product or service they have already purchased. And so those who are conducting the survey are trying to “bribe” the time-conscious client with gifts and giveaways in order to get their precious reply.

But why do service providers consider these surveys so important?

The answer is easy.

Imagine that every single buyer of a given coffee machine fills in a survey about the model they purchased, and each of them says it would be convenient if the machine could make iced coffee.

Would there be an iced coffee button on the next model?

It is very likely the producer would focus on this and not on speeding up the coffee-making time. In the long run, such surveys are beneficial for the client because the manufacturer or service provider can serve them better if their preferences and needs are known precisely.

On the other hand, knowing our strengths better is a crucial objective since they are the cornerstone of further development in our very competitive market.

We put together our (4-minute) 2016 survey in a way that reveals what each client considers our key strengths as well as the areas in which we can improve or optimize our services.

Our team was very happy to see the overwhelmingly positive feedback, especially because the answers were anonymous and therefore not sycophantic.

Many of our clients praised the helpfulness of our employees, but they also mentioned such small things as the easy-to-remember email address. But let’s see some statistics from the dropdown answers:

According to 89% of our clients, the category “Timeliness of delivery” deserves an excellent (very good) rating, and the remaining 11% rated it good.

No one chose average, below average, or poor.

Similarly, the “Responsiveness of the team” was rated very highly (very good: 81%, good: 19%).

The “Quality” rating is also something we can be very proud of. The proportion of very good ratings is 70%, good is at 26%, and average got 4%. No one gave a lower rating.

Let’s talk about areas for improvement or expansion.

We were surprised to see that 46% of our clients have not yet heard of the creation of our Life Sciences Department in 2015. This was definitely an eye-opener, and we now know we need to use more channels and better communication to get our company news to the clients.

There was also a question about the services our clients would like to see.

Surprisingly, some of them lamented the absence of DTP even though we offer it.

Other clients urged us to move beyond East European languages and strengthen our capacity in the major European target languages. The latter feedback will definitely be taken into account so that we can provide a complete language package to all of our clients and cut the time and management costs of multilingual projects divided between too many vendors.

And, finally, let’s get to the general moral of the story. It is clear to us that the main strength of our company continues to be the responsive, helpful, and quick team that produces timely and precise deliveries.

As for our communication, we will strive to do an even better job to expand our capacity and inform our clients about the entire range of Hunnect’s products and services. In other words, we will be putting an iced coffee button on the coffee machine and making it ever so conspicuous.

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