Interview with Sándor Sojnóczky

Sándor Sojnóczky

1. Where does the company name, Hunnect, come from?

The idea of starting the company came to me before my family and I moved back to Hungary from the UK, in 2002. I already knew that I wanted to live in Hungary and to work in the translation business, so I looked for a name that reflected that: ‘Hungarian’ and ‘connection’.

2. What is company life like now, in 2023, compared to the beginning when you were translating yourself, or later when you had just a few employees?

Everything is different now compared to 2003. As our company grew, I felt these changes. When it started out I was the company – I translated, proofread, managed projects, looked for subcontractors, and, of course, tried to convince as many clients as possible of how great and professional we were. That was twenty years ago, and we have produced many translated words since then.

As a result of continuous development and growth, by 2020 we already had 23 employees in the company, so when Covid struck in March 2020, we had to send 23 people to work from home. The following two years made their mark on all aspects of our lives – mostly in an irreversible way. To quote one of my colleagues: “This is the new world order”.

As everywhere else, a lot of things have changed here. What stayed the same is the quality work and the desire to somehow accept this “new world”. Things took a turn for the better in 2022, but I am still getting used to the new normal.

3. Looking back, what was your most joyful and most memorable moment at the company?

There were many. One type was when we were able to spend some free time together after work: company days and excursions when I could see the “human face” of my colleagues. It has also been uplifting to see my colleagues presenting at industry conferences, and to see the knowledge and professional dedication that they – most likely – learned here at Hunnect. That is probably what makes me the proudest.

4. In your view, what is the key to success?

Always listen to your instincts and, as a manager, don’t try to decide everything on your own. I think I have always managed to find colleagues who could identify with our goals, and they have made every effort to achieve them.

5. What drives your business goals?

In the first years of our existence, when we already had employees, I had the idea that if someone comes to work for us, then I am responsible for them as an employer. I am still trying to do that to this day, by providing a stable, trustworthy workplace for everyone who wants to work here. The growth of the company is also subordinated to that, and we take very few risks.

6. How big is the role of employees in the company’s current brand?

100%. When we speak of teamwork, we think of supporting each other and reaching our goals through a collective effort. I think this is something that everyone at Hunnect has experienced, and it also serves as a basis for training our new recruits.

7. What is your vision for the company? What is the greatest challenge for this year?

It would be nice to close the chapter of the 2020-2021 Covid era once and for all by successfully combining the advantages of the home office and the previous 17 years of office work, in a way that is adapted to the new reality. Currently, my priority is to create a work environment that is suitable for everyone, taking into account both work-related and social aspects. As for our principles and values – they remain the same.

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