Life Sciences

Life sciences

Medical and pharmaceutical translations are subject to even higher quality standards and requirements than other fields, as even a small mistranslation or omission can lead to disastrous consequences, affecting patient health or causing improper treatment.

That is why we created our Life Sciences department in 2014.

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Life Sciences Department

In 2014 we created a Life Sciences department, which operates as an independent entity inside Hunnect.

Consisting of specialized Project Managers and linguists, this department is a hub of enormous experience and subject-specific knowledge.

Moreover, the freelancers working for the Life Sciences Department are either doctors, pharmacists or other specialized translators with subject matter expertise and several years of translation experience.

Life Sciences Department


The other challenge, besides the highest quality requirements, is the regulated environment: several international and national organizations have detailed guidelines, regulations and templates in place for medical and pharmaceutical translation.

Our linguists are constantly trained in and informed about the newest changes and standards that they need to adhere to.

vast experience

Our Life Sciences team has vast experience (millions of words) in the translation of clinical trials (both patient-facing and physician-facing materials), medical devices, medical marketing, general healthcare, pharmaceutical documentation such as Summary of Product Characteristics (SPC) and Product Information Leaflets (PIL), discharge summaries, regulatory decisions and so on.

The assignments we have successfully completed range from small, one-language translations to multilingual projects with huge volumes, spanning months.

vast experience

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