From tiny sentences to thousand-page long manuals

Even though it is a ‘basic’ service for all translation providers, translation can comprise many different processes and methodologies. Our translation projects range from tiny sentences to thousand-page long manuals or continuous localization projects with daily updates; the subject can vary from business through technical to medical.

Why Choose Us


The process we apply is slightly different from the standard Translation – Editing – Proofreading (TEP) process.

Our final step is a double QA (quality assurance) check, which consists of both manual and automated checks in order to eliminate any leftover mistakes from the initial translation and the bilingual review steps. The automated checks can be customized based on the software environment and subject matter.

This final QA is always carried out in-house by trained and professional linguists.



Also, in accordance with our mission statement, we also put an extra emphasis on expressing the meaning implied by the original text and reproducing the same message and effect on the audience, taking into account the specific characteristics of the target language and culture.


Life sciences

Life Sciences

Medical and pharmaceutical translations are subject to even higher quality standards and requirements than other fields, as even a small mistranslation or omission can lead to disastrous consequences, affecting patient health or causing improper treatment.


The most rapidly developing area of our modern world is definitely information technology. The speed of localization is a key element when it comes to time-to-market of software and hardware products, or the multilingual publishing of rapidly changing dynamic content such as websites or mobile apps.


Although business translation is sometimes overlooked or considered to be an easier subject, these preconceptions can be misleading. Our business translators have experience in a wide range of business translation sub-fields.


The term ’technical translation’ covers a wide range of areas from automotive to construction, from energy to engineering. These very different subfields require different specialists who are equally familiar with the subject matter and the specific terminology.

How we work

Reception of materials
Files can be sent to us via e-mail or our secure client portal for greater data security. We receive instant notification of new requests, and the assigned Project Manager starts to work on the quote immediately.
Preparation of the files
The files are converted into translatable (bilingual) format in the given CAT software for faster processing and more convenient handling on the translator's side.
Analysis of the files
We prepare a detailed wordcount analysis of the files with the Translation Memory (TM) of the given client. This enables us to provide discounts on repetitions and partial matches, but also to save time on the project.
Selecting the appropriate subject matter experts
It is important that all projects are translated by subject matter experts who are familiar with the subject-specific or even client-specific terminology. They are selected from our translator database based on the criteria of language combination, expertise and availability.
Once the optimal deadline, the cost and the team are known and established, we issue a detailed quote for the client to confirm. For recurring clients, the prices are fixed and separate quotations are not required to speed up the process.
If the client requires different terms and conditions (e.g. shorter timeframe), negotiations are made until an agreement is reached, and the client confirms the order.
Translation and editing
These steps are performed by the subject matter experts with an utmost emphasis on quality and following client-specific requirements, keeping the importance of the message in mind.
Quality assurance
In this step there is a double QA (quality assurance) check which consists of both manual and automated checks, in order to eliminate any leftover mistakes from the initial translation and the bilingual review steps.
Delivery to the client
Once all of the steps are finished and the files are finalized, the Project Manager delivers the target files via e-mail or the secure client portal (the client receives an instant notification of this).
Handling of queries after delivery
In case of eventual questions or remarks, the dedicated Project Manager takes care of any additional steps – the client can contact them directly, and action is taken immediately.

Our strengths

Translator proficiency is constantly monitored and maintained

Over 400 linguists ready to help at any time

Two individual quality checks at the end of every project

We take care of multilingual projects into 26 target languages on a daily basis

We are a regional provider with a strong local presence - these languages are our main focus and strength

What can we do for you?

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